Lounges - the design collective

Maxton Fox System 25 Screen
Mecco disc base tables
Maxton fox ergo chair
Logco folding table
Kontakt sit/stand work station
Altima chairs
Paperock Materials
Interstudio- my chair
Studio scene
Planex X-system shelving
Planex xlocker-system
Planex wishbone table
v10 system table
Mode catalogue
Maxton Fox Disc Base
Maxton Fox Kontakt 180 workstation
Maxton Fox Mecco Mobile workstation
Maxton Fox System 100 workstation
Maxton Fox System 75 workstation
Maxton Fox System 50 workstation
Maxton Fox System 25 workstation
Maxton Fox System 12 workstation
Maxton Fox Mecco New beam workstation
Maxton Fox Kontakt 120 Workstation
Maxton Fox Eko System 25 Workstation
Wave puf lounge
Planex virtu mobile tambour door cabinet
Planex virtu pouffe pedestal
Planex virtu tambour door cabinet
Planex lowRider caddy
Planex moped pedestal
Planex horizontal plan cabinet
Planex vertical plan cabinet
Planex mobile and wall plan cabinet
Planex security drawer container -lock
Planex Security receding door container -locks
Planex Security swing door container -locks
Planex sidekick personal storage
Planex S-Series SS swing door cabinet
Planex S-Series SR Receding Door Cabinet
Planex S-Series tambour door cabinet
Planex L’Oblique files
Planex flox planter box
Planex virtu swing door cabinet
Planex virtu pedestal
Planex virtu lateral drawer cabinet
Planex s-series S pedestal
Planex s-series SB bookcase
Planex S-Series SD Lateral Drawer Cabinet
Planex fatfile lateral drawer cabinet
Planex linea sliding door cabinet
Planex fatfile mobile pedestal
Planex Flox freestanding planter box
Planex fatfile filing cabinet
Planex fatfile swing door cabinet
Planex s-series SM mobile tambour door cabinet